Orange and Mal

Bad Boys Need Love Too Book 2

“Orange and Mal” is the second book in the Bad Boys Need Love Too series. This second story was very good! It starts with Orange on the outs with Mal. By the end they are back together. I liked that a lot. “Orange and Mal” also had a lot of humor in it as well. I had a laugh at Orange being Rusty's best friend and Mal being Saber's best friend. It keep it in the family and keeps the story lines light and enjoyable. It was fun seeing the whole crew back again. It was like meeting up with old friends.

This book is worth reading again and that I look forward to the next book. I hope you will too.

Book Blurb for Orange and Mal

Tabby shifter Orange leads a double life. Kindergarten teacher by day, thief by night, Orange’s sick of juggling two lives. He wants to leave the life of crime behind and find a mate to settle with, but fate has other plans. A job gone wrong lands him in the path of a ferocious werebear, but Mal doesn't seem interested in turning him over to the cops.

Mal’s always been good at fighting and he’s done his share of bad deeds. He hates thieves, but there’s something about Orange he can’t ignore. His bear knows Orange is his to claim, mate, and love—but will Orange accept a man who isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty?

Be Warned: m/m sex, spanking

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 3.50