Northern Love

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Northern Love

When they were young Jerek and Emmanuel had been inseparable so the love that grew between them was natural. As young men they sign on to go to sea thinking they are signing on to the ship called the crow, but instead they sign on to a privateer ship on which they captain is a cruel and sadistic man.
Jerek though had a dream of going north and finding the fabled Citadel of Ice and becoming its king. Thought he won't leave Emmanuel on board the ship until he thinks Emmanuel has betrayed him and has cast him to the tender mercy's of the Captain. Jerek injured and feverish jumps ship into the freezing waters of the north.
For a year Emmanuel has been the pet of the captain and his cabin boy. The torture, pain and humiliation he suffers at their hands wrecks him in mind and body. His only hope is to escape and warn Jerek of the plan to invade the Citadel by air.
When he does find the Citadel and Jerek it’s to find a bitter and angry man who he doesn't know anymore. One who turns to abusing Emmanuel, until Jerek's companion Piaktok takes Emmanuel and flees with him to safety having been betrayed by the anger and hurt that Jerek feels for Emmanuel.
The danger though is real and the three men soon find themselves trying to defend the Citadel against the threat of the captain and his air armada.
Will Jerek learn the truth of Emanuel's supposed betrayal and redeem himself in the eyes of the northern peoples before it’s to late or will it all be for naught when the invasion begins?
Northern Love was an interesting read though the time and place was a bit confusing to me. I had so little back-ground on which to figured out where the story actually took place.

The experiences Emmanuel had at the hands of the Captain and his cabin boy where so real and had me almost crying for the poor guy. Then to find Jerek and have him do what he did to him was heart breaking. Piaktok though brought out the whole story and brought the two other men back from the edge and back into love. It was a story I'll keep and read again, and recommend to friends.

Book Blurb for Northern Love

Genre: LGBT Shape-shifter Fantasy Paranormal
Length: Novel

Jerek had long dreamed of finding the mythical citadel of ice with his strong, handsome lover, Emmanuel. Their search led them to years of enslavement aboard a steamship with only each other for comfort until Emmanuel committed a terrible betrayal and left Jerek to follow his dream alone.

Now, three years after escaping the ship, Jerek has found the citadel and a northern lover: mute, shape-shifting Piaktok, who teaches Jerek a new language of love and lust. They’re content until desperate, snow-blind Emmanuel finds his way to the citadel and reignites Jerek’s desire.

Despite their mutual attraction, Jerek cannot forgive or forget the past and unleashes his anger on Emmanuel. Piaktok, in turn, treats Emmanuel with tenderness, sparking love between them. Emmanuel tries to tell Jerek the truth about his “betrayal,” but Jerek refuses to listen. One last fit of rage sends Emmanuel and a gravely injured Piaktok fleeing from the man they love.

Too late, Jerek realizes his errors. If he can find a way to melt the ice around his heart, the three of them will have a sexual and spiritual bond unlike any other. If he can’t, Piaktok will die, and he’ll lose Emmanuel forever.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM content (including/not limited to bondage, tethering), exhibitionism, strong violence (including m/m rape).

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2009 4.00