Gillham Pack, #4

Noah, as another of the Gillham Pack series, wasn't as good as it could be. Noah just struck me as a spoiled rich kid wanting his way and wanting to escape his family. Duncan being his mate, well, that could have gone better because they didn't really have chemistry and the heat I like in a story.

Because it’s part of a series that I’m beginning to enjoy I'll recommend this one also for the furthering of the series.

Book Blurb for Noah

Noah has lived in isolation most of his life. He’s a demon, and demons keep to themselves. He’s not satisfied with his life, though. One night he sneaks out and meets Duncan. He likes the man, but he knows he can’t be with him because it would mean losing everything.

Duncan knows what he wants, and he wants Noah. He doesn’t care—much—about his homophobic parents’ reaction. He knows he has the support of his friends and most of the pack, and that’s enough for him. Will it be enough for Noah, though?

As Noah and Duncan get to know each other, Noah has to make a decision—his parents, or his mate? Choosing his parents means he’ll have to marry a woman and have children, even if he’s gay. Choosing Duncan means he’ll lose everything he’s ever known. Or not?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2016 3.00