Naked Truth

Zephyr Ranch 2

Naked Truth continued the Zephyr Ranch series and did a very good job of it. I enjoyed this tale of Shane and Julian even though Shane was really annoying in his being in the closet. Julian tried so hard to accommodate Shane that he suffered emotionally. Though he knew it was what he wanted.

Julian works at a library. Shane seduces Julian in the library. The world moves when they make love. But when a stranger appears and tells them that they are now a bonded couple Shane shies away from being outted as a couple. He tries to ignore that he sees things that aren't there and that Julian can turn into a sphinx. Shane has trouble at his work place by the hobgoblins that are inhabiting the museum. He knows that he needs help and that the place to get it is the Zephyr Ranch. He needs to learn about his and Julian’s abilities. When Cyril sends a golem to attack the hobgoblins Julian and Shane must band together to save the small band in the museum. Can Shane and Julian come to terms with their new state or will the strain tear them apart?

Book Blurb for Naked Truth

Shane is accustomed to an orderly life, but after kissing Julian, nothing is going according to plan. Julian isn’t just a sexy librarian; he’s also Shane’s soul mate. Their liaison in the staff room at the library wasn’t just a mind-blowing hookup; it bound them together and gave them access to the supernatural world. Now Julian can turn into a sphinx while hobgoblins harass Shane at work, where his job is threatened by the supernatural bully who’s hunting the hobgoblins. And there’s one more problem: Shane’s mom is still waiting for him to bring home a girlfriend.

All Shane wants is to keep his life the way it is, but Julian hates being his soul mate’s secret. He can’t make Shane come out of the closet, and he can’t make him accept the twist their lives have taken. Only when the attacks on the hobgoblins escalate and Julian puts himself in the line of fire does Shane realize that there’s no hiding from the truth. If he doesn’t accept his new abilities and defend the man he’s come to love, he’ll lose them both.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50