Murphy's Hero

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Murphy's Hero

Word Count: 46,701

When Alexander keeps finding himself in situations where he has to be a hero he does so without fanfare. He meets Adrian, an editor of a Gay Magazine, during one of his bits of heroism.
Alexander is so painfully shy and working at the British Museum. He loves roman antiquities and he impulsively puts on a replica helmet. He is surprised by the confidence he gains by it. He then starts doing heroic deeds placing himself in danger as well as helping out the innocent.
Adrian having met Alexander is immediately attracted to him. It’s his shyness and innocence that endears himself to Adrian as no other has ever. Adrian is afraid that Alexander being a hero might place him in danger and is afraid of loosing him.
Alexander likes the anonymousness of being under the helmet. Will it place him in danger or will it gain him the confidence he needs. He doesn’t want to loose Adrian?
Murphy's Hero was a light-hearted romp bringing out the heroism of a shy man and gaining him his hearts desire. Adrian teaching Alexander how to love and being loved was great. Alexander's Shyness was endearing and amusing making me laugh thru the whole book.

Book Blurb for Murphy's Hero

Sometimes…being a hero isn’t about putting on a cape.

Alexander Parker has always been painfully shy and his job at the British Museum keeps him busy. Dedicated and serious, no one is more surprised than Alexander when the replica of a Greek warrior’s helmet he impulsively places on his head suddenly transforms him from mild-mannered clerk into something else entirely.

Adrian Mackenzie, the editor of a famous erotic gay magazine, is about to get the scoop of the decade. The crime-ridden city seems to have a savior, a mysterious man who is righting wrongs, protecting innocents, and as luck would have it… is extremely hot

When Adrian happens to stumble upon the Good Samaritan in action he falls hard and fast discovering love and Alexander’s true identity. Now, if he can only get Alexander to come out of the closet. But is the world ready for a gay superhero?

Let bestselling author G.A. Hauser take you on an unforgettable fun-filled adventure and discover the story that inspired Ewan Gallagher’s famous movie roll in G.A.’s For Love and Money.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50