Mile High

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Mile High

Flying back and forth from LA to Denver has always been boring for Divorced accountant Owen Braydon until he sees Taylor Madison on his flight. When Taylor flirts with Owen, Owen is confused because Taylor is gorgeous and Owen doesn't see himself and good looking or anything close.
Taylor Madison sees Owen and sees the potential in him. Then he decides to flirt with Owen and they end up having a sexual encounter in the planes bathroom. Owen is very intrigued by the encounter and by Taylor. They part at the airport in Denver. When Sunday comes around they are placed on the same flight again and again have sex in the bathroom.
Owen isn't too sure what to make of Taylor though he thinks they are just playing games.
Will the games lead to a more permanent relationship or will it end on the plane where it began?
I like G A Hausers books they are all very good reads. Mile High was a fantasy some of us would be intrigued to find out about and if its fun to do.

Book Blurb for Mile High

Divorced accountant Owen Braydon spends his weeks working in Los Angeles and his weekends in Denver with his daughter. Straight-laced and mild mannered, he normally looks at the weekly flight to and from Denver as an opportunity to get some extra work done. But then he found himself on the same plane as the luscious Taylor Madison.
Texas-born Taylor is from Denver, but for several months he’s been flying back and forth to Los Angeles where he works as a project manager on a major construction job. Charismatic and confident, Taylor is a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. The second he lays eyes on bi-curious Owen, he knows he wants him.
What starts out as a smoldering no-strings-attached initiation into the Mile High Club quickly turns into a weekly ritual that both men look forward to over all else. Soon their desire for one another deepens and both men find themselves wanting and needing more.
When a possible change in work assignments threatens to end what they have, both men are faced with a decision. Can the heights they soared together in the air be maintained on the ground? Only if Owen and Taylor are willing to cast aside their doubts, open up their hearts, set aside all inhibitions, and go the extra mile.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.50