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When the authorities where getting close Finn Cormag runs for the Beta world he had been studying. He is running to Ari for safety. He was adrift in Beta Earth although similar to Alpha Earth. Finn also had the trouble of being an empath and not knowing how to shield from all the emotions around him without Ari's help.

Before there hadn't been contact between the two worlds but now people are disappearing from Beta and then reappearing again thinking they were either crazy or deluded.

Finn falls in Love with Ari and wants to stay in Beta with him. Will he be able to or will he have to home to Alpha Earth?

I enjoyed this interesting story storyline. The concepts of Alpha and Beta world were very creative, though I had a bit of trouble and the beginning. The beginning was a bit choppy.

Book Blurb for Merge

Picking up where Chris Owen's Converge left off, Finn has crossed into Ari's dimension, but now what? He's a man without a past, without papers, and he can't get home. Now that he and Ari are together in body as well as spirit, they can move their relationship forward. But the uncertainty of Finn's status, and Finn's unfamiliarity with Ari's dimension, are definitely standing in their way.

On top of that, something strange is going on. People in Ari's dimension are not only disappearing, they're reappearing again days later. Tracking the news and combining it with the information he has about dimensions and Between, Finn begins to suspect that his appearance in Alpha and these strange happenings are connected for sure.

As he and Ari work together to help Finn adjust to Ari's life, their quest for a way to restore communication with Alpha begins. Through some clues from Alpha, and an unexpected revelation about Finn's friend Blake, Finn and Ari find someone who might be able to help him. But is the potential cost to them -- and to Finn's friends and family back in Alpha -- worth the attempt?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 3.50