Man's Best Friend

Pine Hollow Wolves

I liked Man's Best Friend a lot though I would like to read the rest of the story when the author finishes it. This was a very good start to a very good book, but what happened to the ending? I felt like the whole ending was missing!

I liked Samson, he has a sense of humor and his sexiness was believable. As for Christopher the cop, he wanted to become a K-9 officer and ended up with a great dog and a Lover as well… an all in one. I recommend Man's Best Friend, but as I said I hope the author finishes the story.

When Officer Christopher Saunders graduates from training classes to be a K-9 officer he looks for just the right dog. He sees a hero dog on the TV and knows this dog will be his partner.

Samson the dog turns into a very handsome man in front of Chris and agrees to stay as his K-9 partner…because he has found his mate. What started out as Samson going on a run in dog form leads him to rescue a child from a burning building and that leads him to Christopher. Can they make a go of it?

Book Blurb for Man's Best Friend

Officer Christopher Saunders just completed his K-9 training and he can’t wait to pick out his first partner. But when none of the specially trained dogs catches his eye, he gets disappointed, until he sees a heroic stray on the news. Christopher is sure he can train the dog himself, if only given the chance.

Too bad Samson has other plans. But going home with this man is a better idea than waiting for his pack to figure out he'd been stupidly captured like some common poodle. The collar and leash also had to go. There was no way he'd be wearing those for long.

This is an expanded re-release.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 4.00