Man To Man

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Man To Man

Feeling stifled by working in an office Josh Elliott decides to try out for Lifeguard training. When he graduates into the program he is given to Tanner Cameron to mentor. Josh falls instantly in love with Tanner and proceeds to show Tanner how he feels. There is a major problem though in that Tanner is straight. But the more Josh and Tanner are together the more Tanner is drawn to the younger man until he gives in and he and Josh end up at his place. Things go from hot to sexual in a heartbeat. Tanner is afraid of being labeled as gay so he fights his attraction to Josh and hurts the younger man.

As the summer progresses though Tanner more and more can't resist his feeling for Josh. When fellow lifeguards harass Josh and Tanner steps in and saves the day.

Will Tanner be able to open himself to the label and to the love of a lifetime or will he be unable to make the change and follow his heart?

Man to Man had me in stitches reading the book the moves and stunts Josh pulled on Tanner. It was all very hilarious and heartwarming. The love scenes and exploration of Tanner learning his sensuality and the joys of man to man sex was fun to watch. The humor plus sex plus love was what made for such a great read. This book was well worth reading and I definitely will read it more than once. I look forward to recommending it to friends all around.

Book Blurb for Man To Man

Contemporary M/M erotic romance
Heat rating: 3 Novas
# of pages or word count: 197 pages
When lifeguard in training Josh Elliott is assigned to Tanner Cameron during his mentorship program, Josh instantly falls for the tall, handsome guard in the red swimsuit. The only problem is, Tanner is straight. Very straight. And constantly reminds Josh of that fact when Josh's flirting gets carried away.
Tanner Cameron made a career out of life-saving and being a paramedic. Divorced, Tanner tries to be content with his job and stays away from the advances of women he works with. It seems to Tanner that all the young ladies he meets want marriage and babies, two things he no longer feels as essential.
Can Tanner get over the terror of the label he fears the most and open up his heart to the right partner? Or will he be unable to rescue his heart from a charming lifeguard whose idea of bliss is working it out, man to man?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2009 4.50