Making Magic

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Making Magic

When Tommy took Professor Burton's Class on magic he didn't have many friends. Derek a classmate was one of them, but when Derek bet Tommy that he couldn't find out the professors secrets Tommy took the bet. When he got to know professor Elliot Burton and the real magic he couldn't go thru with the bet because he had become really attracted to Elliot. Elliot couldn't believe that Tommy was really interested in his class but when the two got together in private they became lovers. But when Elliot found out about the bet he was really hurt. Will Tommy lose Elliot because of the bet or will the love between them survive?

I really enjoy reading Making Magic. This story had a bit of romance, intrigue and magic all the way thru it.

Book Blurb for Making Magic

When Tommy boasted to his college friends that he could find out their professor's secrets, his only goal was to win a bet. In the sultry heat of New Orleans, the mysterious and eccentric teacher seemed like an easy mark to the precocious young man. But when all Elliott's far-fetched talk of energy and power had an actual physical effect on the college student, his opinion started to change. Was sex magic real? Tommy was about to find out.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00