Make Me a Match Vol. 2

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Make Me a Match Vol. 2

Stormy Weather By Chrissy Munder
To weatherman Grant Singer dating was a waste of time since every man he had dated used him for a springboard. That is until his waitress Amy fixes him up with her friend and fellow waiter Craig. The two hit it off.
Score Two for the Good Guys By Maria Albert
Jeremy Masterson is going thru physical therapy for being a hero. Cat his therapist thinks he will be great for her brother, Detective Rick McFarlan. Though her brother is commitment shy he and Jeremy hit if off very well indeed.
Fragments of a Fiery Sun By M Jules Aedin
Exiled from Ireland for his politics and sexual preferences Kelan’s trip to America is miserable and depressing. But when he meets Toby. He is given a home with Toby and his gang of thieves. Midge the mother of the bunch decides that Kelan will be a perfect partner for Toby and sets about making it happen.
Some Delay Expected By Sean Kennedy
Kyle hates it when his friend Missy fixes him up with partners. So, when she does it just before Christmas Break he acts like a jerk hoping to scare Sam away. But when Kyle and Sam end up on the same train together they discover they have a lot in common. Will it last?
Hot Property By S Blaise
Realtor Robbie's Mother thinks nothing of trying to fix him up with lady friends. Robbie's though doesn’t like it since he prefers men. She though is intent on fixing him up with his childhood friend Jaime. Robbie has just met a new man looking for a place in which to start again. Jay Grant is also interested in Robbie. Will things go right for the two as well as Robbie's mother?
Waves of Love By John Simpson
Ken and Jack are so happy together that he decides to fix his friends Jerry and Dale up on a cruise that the four are taking together. Will his matching making be successful or will it bomb?
Thirty By Zahra Owens
In Varrs world life begins at thirty and that's when he goes to find his mate. But things go wrong when he finds Mallick Varr. Will things go right or wrong for the couple?
Make Me a Match Vol 2 was overall a good and interesting anthology. I really enjoyed most of the stories. The only one I had some problems with was titles Thirty. It was hard to get into and a bit different. Being that you get quite a few stories in this book it’s a great value. I plan on keeping this one and reading it again. I’ll also recommend it to others.

Book Blurb for Make Me a Match Vol. 2

Stormy Weather By Chrissy Munder

Meteorologist Grant Singer is sick of dates who only want to bed the TV "weather guy".  But  the matches from the online dating service he signs up with are even worse.  In fact, the only thing that makes the endless dinner dates bearable is Craig, the cute waiter at his favorite restaurant.  Luckily for Grant, Craig never misses one of his forecasts...

Score Two For the Good Guys By Maria Albert

Cat is convinced her physical therapy client, civilian hero Jeremy Masterson, would be the perfect match for her big brother, Detective Rick McFarlan.  The trick is hooking the tough cop up with the gentle social worker without arousing her wary brother’s suspicions that she’s matchmaking again.  With the help of some friends, the two men are introduced at a party, and sparks fly.  Unfortunately, instead of lighting a fire, Rick manages to go down in flames.  Will Jeremy give Rick a second chance to prove that Cat was right after all and Jeremy is the soul mate Rick never expected to find?  

Fragments of a Fiery Sun by M. Jules Aedin

Exiled from his native land for his politics - and his preference for men - Kelan is looking for a new start in America.  The last thing he wants is to get entangled with a gang of thieves the minute he steps foot on the New York City docks.  But pickpocket Midge thinks the handsome Irishman is just what the gang - and especially their leader, Toby - needs.

Some Delay Expected By Sean Kennedy

Kyle hates when his best friend Missy tries to set him up - which doesn't stop her from doing it anyway.  So maybe he was less than fair in dismissing Sam as a loser after a single cup of coffee.  When a winter storm strands the two college students on the Amtrak train on their way home for the holidays, the least he can do is give the guy a second chance, right?

Hot Property By S. Blaise

Robbie's mother has her heart set on a match between her son and his childhood playmate Jamie - who Rob can't even remember!  He's far more interested in his new real estate client, the delectable Jay Grant.  Is it possible that mom really does know best?

Waves of Love By John Simpson

Ken is so happy with his lover, Jack, that he wants his friends to be happy too.  Setting up Jerry and Dale on a vacation cruise, he can't resist tagging along himself to give love a little push.  He never dreamed he'd enjoy matchmaking so much! 

Thirty By Zahra Owens

In Mallick's world, life begins at thirty - the age when he's through working and ready to meet his life mate.  But even though Varr is a Matchmaker himself, they seem to have little in common.  Could the match be a mistake, or is Varr the man he's ready to Bond with for life?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 3.50