Made to Order

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Made to Order

Sarge has always been a creature of habit and spends the same time at the same place for breakfast. Cook Jack has always admired Sarge and likes the view. When the holidays come around Jack finds out that the Sarge is spending them alone and invites him over for dinner. Things heat up during their dinner. Jack and the Sarge find that they have a lot in common. Jack plans on spending more than the holiday with Sarge and finds that Sarge also returns the sentiment.
When Sarge is forced out of his apartment by a minor catastrophe Jack jumps in with an invite to live with him.
Will Sarge take him up on the invite or will it pass him by?
Made To Order is an OK read. It could have used a lot more back-story. Because there wasn’t a foundation the book seemed to be pretty abrupt. Though the love scenes more than made up for it in sensuality and steaminess. Of course it was also hot and sexy. Overall a hot and steamy read that needs to be expanded upon.

Book Blurb for Made to Order

Sarge is a man of routine. That's what happens to longtime military men; they go to the same restaurants and eat the same meals every week. Of course, the draw of Sarge's favorite diner might just be the very handsome Jack.

When Jack finds out that Sarge is planning on spending Christmas alone, he decides to make his move on the man he's been admiring for a long while. Even if nothing happens, he wants to share his holiday with Sarge, who he's come to think of as a friend. Can these two lonely men find out that Christmas is better when they have someone to share it with?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 3.25