Lukos Heat

Heart of Fire, #1

Luko's Heat wasn't hot at all and didn’t ring my bell. I’m sorry to say, the story didn't really do much for me. I like dragons, but I couldn't get into Najlah. He just didn't appeal to me. Lukos was a shape shifter but mating him to Najlah just didn’t work for me. There just wasn’t any chemistry and nothing flowed right between them.

I can't really recommend this one.

Book Blurb for Lukos Heat

Najlah is on the hunt for the traitorous coward who attempted to assassinate the king and nearly killed Najlah's brother in the process. But the hunt has taken his team deep into the Shide, the treacherous, freezing mountains controlled by the mysterious Lukos, feral wolf shifters who do not tolerate trespassers.

When the Lukos come upon them, Najlah is reluctantly intrigued. The Lukos, especially the one called Barkus, are nothing like the soft humans he spends most of his time around. They thrive in the brutal cold the way he thrives in volcanic fire. For the first time, it feels like Najlah may have found someone who can equal the fierceness of dragons, and see them as more than demons.

But if he hopes to explore the bond forming with the Lukos, he must first survive the enemy—and the Shide.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2016 2.50