Lucky's Seven

Team Paladin Book 1

"Lucky's Seven" is the beginning of a series with disabled vets and shape shifters. I liked it! It was a little slow in the beginning, but once it got moving it was good. The chemistry between Shane and Lucky was there and intense. I liked the story line of the luck of the Shifters finding their mates. I've always liked the finding your destined mate story line.

I recommend "Lucky's Seven" for the really great story it is. Enjoy!!!

Book Blurb for Lucky's Seven

While recovering, Marine special unit Team Paladin wins a $565-million dollar lottery. The first thing they do is hire a personal assistant to deal with the insanity that much money will bring.

Desperate for a job, Lucky Duvall responds to an advertisement for a personal assistant. He is hoping that seven is his lucky number as this will be his seventh job interview for the week. The god of a man who interviews him makes him long for more than just a job with the team.

Lion shifter Shane Thomas has more on his hands than he can handle. He has a team of battle scarred interspecies shifters who have decided to move away from the civilized world. Then he meets Lucky, his mate. Will he be able to convince Lucky to take a chance on him and the team and their crazy dream of moving to Montana?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.00