Loving Lucas

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Loving Lucas

Teacher Lucas Kiefer thought he was doing a good job teaching high school English but when student Riley Miller started obsessing on him things took a turn for the worst. Riley kidnapped Lucas and assaulted him leaving him for dead and Riley ten years in prison.
Now Riley is out of prison and looking for revenge but this time he will have to go thru sheriff Nicholas Demetrius. Lucas had set up a bookstore and was living above it. Nicholas has been in love with Lucas for five years but hasn't been able to get close to Lucas until now, but with the threat of Riley hanging on their heads thing aren't looking good for the two men.
Will Riley finish what he started ten years before or will Nicholas save the day this time?
Loving Lucas is a fantastic, suspenseful and well-written read. It had me on the edge of my seat waiting to see what Riley would do and if Nicholas would be there to save the day. I was kept wondering if Lucas would let Nicholas into his heart. I highly recommend this to readers.

Book Blurb for Loving Lucas

Lucas Kiefer has lived through hell. Assaulted and nearly murdered by a man obsessed with him, he now lives with horrible scars inside and out. Abandoned by his boyfriend while trying to recover, Lucas withdraws into himself. Building a new life, he focuses only on running his bookstore. But his nightmare returns when ten years later, his attacker is released from jail on a technicality.

Sheriff Nicholas Demetris has known and loved Lucas for five years. He doesn't care about physical scars; he's attracted to the silently strong man inside. He knows Lucas feels more for him than he'll admit. Despite being well aware of Nicholas's feelings, Lucas won't allow anyone close, regardless of the feelings in his heart, especially now when he's once again the focus of unwanted and deadly intentions. Lucas can't stand the idea of anyone being hurt for him, but Nicholas is determined to protect him and earn Lucas's love no matter what.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2009 4.00