Love's Crash Landing

Gavin Howard lives on his farm trying to stay under the radar, but one night he is awakened by an explosion and a loud crash in his backyard. When he goes to investigate he finds a spaceship crashed in the field behind his house. Knowing that the government will soon be there to investigate Gavin is further confounded when he finds the injured pilot just beyond the spacecraft. Gavin decides to hide his alien visitor; he gets a good look at his guest and finds the most beautiful man he's ever seen.

Prince Mi'kel Ta'Rulan can't believe that he has been rescued by the most handsome warrior he's ever seen and to top that off Gavin is his soulmate. Gavin knows that Prince Mi'kel needs to repair his ship and leave before the government agents find them and take Mi'kel away from him.

When Mi'kel is taken from Gavin by the agents Gavin will do anything to save Mi'kel. But can he succeed before it’s too late for Mi'kel or will the two men loose each other?

Love's Crash Landing was a really enjoyable book and I had a good laugh reading it. It was a good ride from start to finish and well worth reading again. I will gladly recommend this one to those who like a good funny story that is also sensual.

Book Blurb for Love's Crash Landing

Gavin Howard lives a simple life on his farm, keeping to himself and staying under the radar. That is all changed late one night when a spaceship crash-lands in his cornfield. So what is a simple farmer to do when he finds an injured alien lying in his back yard? Take it inside and care for it until it can "phone home," of course.

But Prince Mi'Kel Ta'Rulen is not what Gavin expected. Beautiful, gentle, and on a mission to save his dying planet, Mi'Kel needs Gavin's help for more than just his injuries. Can Gavin help Mi'Kel find the solution to save his people all while keeping the little alien safe from the Earth governments hunting him?

Gavin finds himself falling in love with the being from outer space, but can he find it in his heart to let the little alien go when Mi'Kel's ship is finally fixed? Or will Mi'Kel's secrets drive them apart when the alien needs his farmer the most?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.50