Let There Be Light

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Let There Be Light

For years in the war torn Europe of 1872 Hart had been partnered with Karol a genius scientist to save and protect England from its enemies. When Hart is injured in an explosion that almost takes both their lives, the men separate and go toward their different destines.

Years later when Karol's life is threatened Hart steps forward to protect him once again. Can either man see past their pain and anger at one another to help the future or will their enemies destroy them both?

Let There Be Light started out pretty good and I did like the alternate universe setting. The only problem I could see while reading it was the long drawn out introspections and the fact it left me hanging as to would Hart save Karol or what? I hope that R. Cooper finishes the book so we can really get a solid ending.

Book Blurb for Let There Be Light

In war-torn Europe of 1872, Karol and Hart devoted themselves to protecting England and the peace England maintained. Hart was a spy and bodyguard for Karol, a brilliant but hotheaded scientist. Their partnership was almost unstoppable... until Hart could no longer bear to see Karol in danger—or with other men—and seeing Hart repeatedly put his life on the line came to terrify Karol. Then a horrible accident separated them for what they believed would be forever.

Now the enemy's plan to kidnap Karol has Hart volunteering to guard him once again. Alone together with their fear and pain from the past might destroy them... or it might give them hope for a brighter future.

Length: Novella
Genre: Steampunk

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 3.25