Leather Boys

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Leather Boys

Devlin Young decides to relive his teenage years. To do so, he attends the huge bike rally in Sturgis. Bikes are the norm and Dev is not afraid of whom he is. He's not afraid of hiding when he meets Sam Rhodes though he is frustrated because Sam is afraid of being out at Sturgis for fear of being killed by those same bikers.
Sam is more of a thinker then Dev and tries to temper his mischief. When Dev encounters another biker who challenges him, Dev is forced to make a choice between that biker and Sam who is his lover. When Sam and Dev return to Ohio Sam shows Dev that he is just as tough as the rest of the bikers whom they had met.
Will Dev turn to Sam or will he let lust cloud his judgment and loose Sam forever?
The setting of Leather Boys in Sturgis was fascinating since I've never been to Sturgis and I enjoyed looking into that world. Sturgis is the location of a huge yearly biker event and people come to from all over the world to attend.
I truly enjoyed Leather Boys as much as the rest of G A 's books. The love and Lust between Sam and Dev was hot as hell and sexy to read about. I would recommend Leather Boys to my friends to read. And I certainly will read it again.

Book Blurb for Leather Boys

Start your engines, mount up, and get ready for the ride of a life-time…

Sexy gay fiction author Devlin Young donned his helmet, black leather jacket, and jeans. Then he mounted his Kawasaki and set off for what he anticipated would be a wild ride to Sturgis. There were thousands of motorcycles, thousands of men, but only one Sam Rhodes.

When web-designer Sam Rhodes joined a local group called The Leather Boys, he wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but he knew what it was he wanted. Amidst the decadence and insanity of the monster event, all Sam could think about was what it would be like to share an erotic experience with the deliciously naughty Dev Young.

Never one to apologize for who he is, or who he desires, Devlin doesn’t understand Sam’s reluctance to openly explore their relationship or his wish to keep their liaisons confined to the darkness of their tents while at the rally. Then he crosses swords with a tough-as-nails biker who both taunts and tempts him, unleashing a potentially dangerous craving and pushing Dev to make a choice.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.00