Lay Me Down to Sleep

Lay Me Down To Sleep started out pretty good, but I was left wondering what happened to the rest? What happened after they got to the surface? Did Aric and Glenton make a happily ever after? It just kind of ended. If the story is ever finished I'll enjoy reading it all the way through. I did like the beginning where Aric rescues Glenton from his sleep capsule. I also enjoyed the discovery that they are meant to be together.


When the earth is threatened to extinction people are put to sleep in capsules. The idea is that when the Earth recovers, with the help of scientists, the people will be ready to repopulate it. But the capsules start malfunctioning and very few people are able to escape. Aric the oldest saves 5 other kids from dying. Glenton is one of those kids. As years pass though they know that they can't leave the chambers until the Earth is restored. Glenton isn't sure what is wrong with him, he isn't attracted to the two girls in their group. But he feels intense longing for Aric. Glenton doesn't know if Aric returns his regard or not. When their computer starts malfunctioning the only thing to do is for them to return to their sleep capsules. Glenton and Aris know by then that they are meant to be together. Will they survive the sleep again or will they succumb to the long sleep?

Book Blurb for Lay Me Down to Sleep

Beneath the ice and crystal lies the future of mankind.

The entire population was sent to sleep in hibernation chambers underground so that the earth could re-grow. When Glenton wakes, it’s to a shaking chamber and screams. He’s saved by Aric, and together they rescue all those they can as the chambers suffocate the remaining humans.

Was it a horrible mistake or a cruel government? Six survivors now try to endure beneath the ice in what remains of the hibernation center, waiting for the day they can return to the surface. Glenton is among them, troubled by his strange feelings for Aric. When their home loses power, they must go to sleep once more.

The future of our species depends on their waking. Will they make it to the surface?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 3.00