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A year after Diego Del Rio lost his eye in a hate crime Lt Colton Wheeler his lover is still trying to get Diego to be what he wanted to be before he lost his eye. He wanted to be a heart surgeon. But when Diego's first lover starts stalking Diego and trying to kill Colton it snaps Diego out of his self imposed world.
Diego and Colton have worked out that they were meant to be together always. When strange things start happening around the ranch. Colton investigating finds that someone over the border has it in for him.
Will Diego’s Ex-lover tear Colton and Diego apart or will the mysterious things happening on the border cause a death of either one?
When I started Lawless I was a bit confused and found out this was the second book in a series so that answered some of the questionsI had.
Lawless was a good story and I enjoyed reading it a lot. Colton and Diego were very hot together...I do look forward to picking up the first blook in the series, Fearless.

Book Blurb for Lawless

Lt. Colton Wheeler is the law in a lawless land. A year after his lover, Dr. Diego Del Rio, lost his eye in a vicious hate crime, trouble from across the border threatens to shatter the life they’re building together.

An old lover stakes a claim, and Colton suspects he wants more than Diego. Colton’s family comes under attack, a missing Apache boy is accused of cattle rustling, and bloody tribal masks from the old rituals are being worn by someone carrying a whip, bent on terrifying the people of the borderlands.

Colton only knows one way to protect his people. By walking into trouble, by drawing fire, by putting himself between the people he loves and those who mean them harm.

Contains: M/M

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2008 3.50