Latitude Extreme

Latitude Extreme was an interesting storyline though it could have been a lot more interesting if it hadn't been so stilted in the extreme. The relationship between Luke and Craig happened a bit fast. It didn't portray the learning stage, the healing stage and then the forgiving stage. These are important stages in relationship growth. It just jumped from learning to forgiving to relationship.

I did like the storyline though about the reality TV show. It did make for a fun ride for the teams participating. The friendship developing between the secondary characters was fun to see happen. There are good things about this book including the storyline, secondary characters and the heat between Luke and Craig.


Craig and his sister Lana are invited back to be on the realityTV show Extreme Latitude. Craig isn't sure why he was being invited back. His sister will be teaming up with former cameraman Angel. Then Craig finds out about Luke. By then it is too late for him to back out. Luke was a constant thorn in Craig's side during high school for bullying Craig’s sister Lana.

When Craig begins to see Luke in a different light he sees a man he is attracted to though he fights it as much as he can. That is until he is able to forgive and forget. Then the heat and sexual attraction hit new heights. Though their new-found attraction can the two men win the TV show or will they both loose?

Book Blurb for Latitude Extreme

Craig and his sister Lana have officially been recruited for season two of Latitude on the famous LGBTQ network. The only problem is that Lana is now going to be teaming up with her new boyfriend, former camera man Angel. So why are they contacting him to come on the show this season with no teammate? And after what happened last season, he feels a trap coming.

Luke Nolan knows that this probably isn’t the way to reunite with Craig. In fact, it’s probably a terrible mistake after the debacle of a fight they had five years ago before graduating from high school. However, after seeing him on the show last season, he knows that he hasn’t gotten over Craig. He will do anything to get him back, even go to the extreme. But will Craig listen long enough to rectify the misunderstanding that has been haunting Luke these past five years?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2013 3.50