Lancelot in Love

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Lancelot in Love

On vacation and trying to get over an affair gone bad Lancelot Sanborn goes to the Catskill Mountain resort. It's a place he used to spend his childhood vacations at. Renting a cabin on the lake he thinks it'll be a boring but relaxing time. When four college guys move into the cabin next door Lance finds that it won't be so boring as he thought.

Twenty three year old Keefe Hammond is deeply in the closet and doesn't want to come out to his friends, but when he meets Lancelot at the lake he is attracted to the older man. Soon Keefe is testing his desires for other men with Lancelot and is enjoying himself a lot. He's getting closer to Lancelot but he is terrified of coming out to his friends let alone his family. The love growing between Lancelot and Keefe keeps getting stronger.

When the weekend ends however Keefe and Lance decide to see each other commuting between New York City and Garfield, NJ.

Can Keefe and Lancelot grow and discover each other in that growing love or will Keefe's fear of coming out of the closet tear them apart before that?

Lancelot in Love was a really enjoyable read. Again G. A. Hauser has a well written storyline of finding first love and the trials that come with it. From the beginning to the end I couldn't put it down I had to know what was going to happen next. I wanted to know if Keefe and Lancelot would triumph over Keefe's fears. The plus of the story was the love scenes from Keefe first finding the pleasure of Lancelot's love making to his own exploration of Lancelot in return. Hot is all I can say of the love scenes. This one I would gladly recommend to all for the good read it is.

Book Blurb for Lancelot in Love

Still working through an upset of a romance gone bad, thirty year old Lancelot Sanborn escapes to an old haunt; the bungalow colonies of the Catskill Mountain Resort. As a child Lance remembered the comfort and simplicity of his summer vacations, lazing by the lake and enjoying everything upstate New York had to offer. A stark contrast from his hectic life in the Big Apple.

Twenty-three year old Keefe Hammond and three of his friends from Rutgers decide to rent a cottage at the resort for a Labor Day weekend of non-stop partying. Keefe was deeply in the closet and had no intention of stepping out. Until…...

The two men meet as they became temporary neighbors in the bungalow resort and soon Keefe began testing his own desires for sex with a man, against his terror of revealing who he is to his friends.

One place Lancelot never expected to find true love was during a retreat to escape from it.

In the end, love always finds a way and for Lancelot, he finds the love of his life in a young man named Keefe.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00