Knights & White Satin

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Knights & White Satin

When Mike first sees Lee the lust is an instant attraction. When Lee also responds to the lust they have a night of hot sex. Then Lee is called away to his wife's side. Lee had married his best friend, Cate so she could have children without having to change herself.

Mike finds out through a friend that Cate has terminal cancer. He takes Lee and Cate and their son Saminto his home so he doesn't loose Lee permanently. Mike comes to care for Cate and Sam as much as he does for Lee. When Cate's parents invade their home they find out Lee is gay and that Cate isn't expected to live long.

Will Cate's parents tear them apart after Cate dies or will Lee's Love for Mike save the day?
Knights and White Satin is pretty good though Lee was a bit of a whiner and I wanted to shake him sometimes. Overall, it was a good read.

Book Blurb for Knights & White Satin

Mike is a swinging bachelor with a big empty house and plenty of time and money to spend as he likes. But the second he sees Lee in the bar, he knows something's about to change. He brings Lee home for some hot-tub fun — and plunges headfirst into love. And Lee is right there with him.

But Lee isn't flying solo. Years ago, he married his best friend Cate so they could please her parents, share a household and have a baby together. Their relationship is strictly platonic, and Cate is thrilled that Lee has found someone. She doesn't want him to give up his love life to care for her, but she's living on borrowed time due to a terminal illness.

As Mike discovers passion the likes of which he never knew before Lee, he realizes he needs to step up and think of others for a change. And Lee — and his family — are about to learn what it's like to have a real-life knight in shining armor.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.00