Kindred Truths

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Kindred Truths

The Shifters Book 12

M. D. Grimm’s 12th Shifters book is on shelves now!

"Kindred Truths" is another chapter in Poe and Nordik's story which started in “Master's Blood”. Poe is one of my favorites in this series and I enjoyed reading another chapter in his life. The passion and heat between Poe and Nordik still sets the pages on fire. I hope to see Poe again soon.

I highly recommend that this series be read in order. Other characters show up in books down the line. I highly recommend M. D. Grimm's The Shifter Series for a good set of stories. The books are action packed from book to book. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Kindred Truths

Agent Poe loves being part of the Agency—an organization devoted to protecting shape-shifters—and he especially loves his mate of only a couple of months, Nordik, the nigh immortal master bear shifter. He has the best of both worlds—the man he loves and the job he loves. But when Nordik reveals he’s ready to rejoin society and accompany Poe on his missions, Poe must take the next step and make them a full partnership.

After the Agency intercepts a message from Arcas, the leader of the Knights of the Dawn—a cult bent on the annihilation of shifters—meant for his followers, their job gets a whole lot harder. The Knights don’t bother keeping their activities hidden anymore, stretching the Agency’s resources thinner than ever.

After a near-fatal mission almost costs Poe his life, Nordik insists on a break for both of them. They visit Poe’s family in Ireland and learn that true danger lies not without, but within. There’s no greater betrayal than that of a loved one.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00