Jude in Chains

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Jude in Chains

Gay writer Misha Tzerko takes on a "Reparative Therapy" Camp for recovering Gay men. He enrolls in a weeklong program to get the material he needs for a story about the Camp and about the former gay man C.Everett Hammer the 3rd. When he goes in he's a little biased because of loosing his lover Robbie to one of these types of camps and to a straight life including a wife.

While at Stronger Wings camp Misha runs into a man from his past who is trying to put his life in order and be what his family wants him to be. Misha decides to save Jude from himself as well as from C. Everett Hammer's Stronger Wings Camp.

Can Misha though save himself from bitterness and be able to save Jude as well? Or will he loose everything?

Jude In Chains has a good and interesting storyline. For me it had a little too many woes, but still was interesting. I liked the concept of a gay man going into a place like Stronger Wings to do a story while pretending to be straight. Plus finding that a former almost lover was there for help. The ending was humorous and funny as can be. I enjoyed the ending a lot and I will recommend this book on the storyline alone.

Book Blurb for Jude in Chains

m/m, contemporary
Page Count:  130
Hoping further to expose the fallacy of "reparative therapy" for non-heterosexuals, writer Misha Tzerko enrolls in a weeklong program at the Stronger Wings Camp and Conference Center. He's already lost a long-term boyfriend to the ex-gay movement—Robbie abandoned him for a straight life complete with wife—and for his own closure as well as his job at Options magazine, Misha intends to get an inside look at the ministry established by C. Everett Hammer III.
Misha is shocked and dismayed to find someone else from his past at Stronger Wings, a man with whom he shared two brief but captivating encounters. He knows he can’t save everyone in the program, but he's determined to save Jude Stone... no matter what it takes.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2010 3.25