Joey's First Time

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Joey's First Time

Twenty four year old Joey is a virgin when it comes to men whom he is more attracted to than women. So Joey travels to Tulsa to check out the gay bars he finds Curt working as a bartender in a bar called the Maverick, he can't take his eyes off Curt for an instant.
Curt desides that Joey is too much of a temptation and takes him home with him. Curt initiates Joey in to Love and Lust, but will Joey stay with Curt or will he continue looking for love?

I liked the tentative way of the love scenes in Joey's First Time. It was fun to read and a good book.

Book Blurb for Joey's First Time

Living in the small town of Lymon, Oklahoma didn't afford twenty-four year old Joey much of a sex life. Actually, it afforded him no sex life. Joey decided to change his virginal status with a trip to Tulsa, and Club Maverick sounded like just the kind of place he'd been looking for.

Stepping into the place, Joey's eyes zero in on the tall bartender.

Oh yeah, this was definitely the place to sow some wild oats.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.25