Intoxicated by the King Cobra

Venomous Mates #1

“Intoxicated by the King Cobra” is the beginning of a really good series. Paranormal romance readers won’t wan’t to miss out on the “Venomous Mates” series.

This first book starts seventy odd years after the human race has undergone mutations. Human Reese is an “Anti-Venom”. He heads into the city to find food for his friends and runs into Kalder a man crossed with a king cobra. This starts the overall arc for the series.

These two men slowly fall in love. The passion between Kalder and Reese starts slowly and hits a heat level that makes it an enjoyable read. I liked it so much that I picked up the next book in the series.

I’ve finished book three and I can easily recommend this series. If you like end of the world or paranormal stories then I expect you will really love these love stories.

Book Blurb for Intoxicated by the King Cobra

It’s been seventy-five years since the toxins dropped and the world became dark. No one knows this more than Reese and his friends. On the verge of starvation, Reese will do the unthinkable—he’ll steal away into Venom City to get the food they so urgently need.

Kalder’s been infected by the cobra venom, and even as a third generation, the toxin has passed on to physically alter future generations forevermore. Known as ruthless and cruel, he’ll kill anyone that threatens those he protects. When a desperate anti-venom shows up to steal food, his world is irrevocably changed.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2016 4.00