Inland Empire

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Inland Empire

#2 in Taking The Odds Series

After being injured during an investigation that spanned two states Nick O'Malley is taking a vacation to be with his lover Brandon in California while also picking up his Querida from Bakersfield impound lot.

Brandon loves having Nick around and he still hasn't come out at work. He is afraid of the fall out when it does happen. When Nick ends up in the middle of the Task Force that Brandon has been working on the fear of being outed grows making the tension worse between Nick and Brandon.

Nick gets fed up with Brandon’s fear  and moves into a hotel. Will Brandon and Nick be able to fix their problems before Nick goes home and Brandon is left alone?

Inland Empire is the sequel to Cheating Chance a very good book in of itself. I had always wondered what happened after Cheating Chance ended and now that Inland Empire has come out it cleared up the questions of what happened to Nick and Brandon and if they were ever to have their Happily Ever After. This one is a recommend also and well worth reading.  Again the love scenes were well written and very hot and steamy.

The one problem I had though was Brandon's attitude. It was kind of whiny and not very attractive until he decided that Nick was worth coming out for. Then he learned to love and be loved.

Book Blurb for Inland Empire

Agent Nick O'Malley and Det. Brandon Carr are back. Nick heads to Riverside, California, center of the Inland Empire and Brandon's home turf. But every minute Nick's in Riverside threatens to out Brandon. When events embroil Nick in one of Brandon's investigations -- gang hits, prostitution, illegal gambling and human trafficking - can they survive both?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.25