Ice Cream on the Side

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Ice Cream on the Side

Successful architect Dylan Forest has for the most part been into one nightstands and quick make out sessions. The reason being his experience with a past relationship that ended badly. Although they did stay friends it still made him wary of commitment. Dylan though finds himself intensely attracted to teacher and artist Michael Gilmore and lets things go for themselves to see were they lead.

But when things start happening to Michael and the warnings get more and more violent Dylan is afraid for Michael. Especially when a body turns up of one of Dylans old lovers who had disappeared years before. When Ian, an old lover of Dylans' who had hurt him turns up murdered Dylan is afraid Michael might be next.

Can Dylan and Michael, with the help of the police, save Michael or will Dylan loose him forever?

I really liked this mystery and the whole who done it? It's well written and I had a clue to who might have done it, but was still unsure. Wren Boudreau gives you all kinds of suspects then throws the real killer/stalker into the mix. WOW! I didn't see it coming.

Of course the hot intense love scenes between Michael and Dylan made for a scorching hot read as well. I loved it. I will definitely recommend this one to those who like suspense and twists in the storyline. This one is a keeper and a recommend read by me.

Book Blurb for Ice Cream on the Side

Genre: LGBT Erotic Suspense

Length: Novel

Dylan Forest is really pretty happy. He's a successful architect, lives in a great little town, and has good friends. More than ten years ago, Dylan’s first boyfriend betrayed him. Since then he’s learned to appreciate men briefly and intensely, with no lingering complications. But Dylan finds himself wanting something more with Michael Gilmore, the new art teacher in town.

Michael moved to Raven Pass to get away after a bad break-up. He just wants to teach and he's got an exhibit of his own work coming up. He doesn't expect to find himself attracted to anyone just yet. He has to give up his fear so he can explore a possible relationship with Dylan.

The guys manage to get past their insecurities and into bed, where they find out just how compatible they are. Before their romance gains momentum; however, life gets complicated. An old dead body and a new murder are both connected to Dylan’s love life, and if the guys can't stop it Michael will be next.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.


Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2010 4.25