Hyacinth's Light

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Hyacinth's Light

When Trevor Wainwright is sent to a village with a mysterious outbreak of virus and deaths he's not sure if he should go until he gets to he village and meets the Mayors son Quentin. He finds out that he is attracted to him. On Delphi 3 though male-to-male relationships are forbidden and wrong so Trevor hides his feelings until Quentin falls victim to the mysterious illness and the source of it is revealed.
Can Trevor find the cure or will he fail and loose everything he has grown to love?
Hyacinth's Light was ok read, but it was kinda choppy and hard to read.

Book Blurb for Hyacinth's Light

Yaoi/Futuristic: In the distant future, on the far-off planet of Delphi 3, the supply ships from earth have stopped coming, leaving the inhabitants to fend for themselves. Empathic physician Trevor Wainwright arrives in the town of Phocis to investigate a mysterious illness, but discovers a web of dark secrets. Can Trevor and the Mayor's son Quentin combat the bigotry and lies and stop the plague before it destroys the entire village? Can they find happiness in a society that considers their love a crime?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 2.50