Hunter's Moon

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Hunter's Moon

Book Two in Supernatural New York

Though this is book two of the series it can be read as a standalone.

All his life Miles has wanted to come to New York City for reasons he doesn’t know. He has had dreams of a huge red wolf in an alley in New York. But so far his life has been boring and off track…it seems to him. But when he's saved from an attack by his red wolf he can't believe that the stories he’s read and wanted to write about werewolves and vampires are real.

PC a Lycan, doesn't want the complication of a mate for he likes his life of hunting the outcasts and rogues of his society. He can't figure out why life has sent him his mate. But when Miles is attacked and almost killed PC knows that Miles is everything he wants in life.

Miles and PC are drawn into a supernatural war between lycans, werewolves and rogue vampires. This war might cost them their lives. Will they survive to live Happily Ever After or will the war cost them everything?

Hunter's Moon was a pretty good werewolf love story but PC's attitude was a little hard to handle. He pushed Miles away at every turn but then pulled him close also. Those who like supernatural love stories will like Hunter's Moon for the storyline as well for the steamy passionate love scenes. Hunter’s Moon is worth picking up for a great paranormal m/m love story.

Book Blurb for Hunter's Moon

This is book two in a series, but it can stand alone.

Miles craves adventure. Freedom from his monotonous routine; but he's started to believe that perhaps adventure isn’t in his stars—until a late night encounter makes him wonder if the creatures he creates in his stories could possibly be real.

PC is a wolf. A lycan since birth, he’s spent the first twenty-four years of his life trying to be the exact opposite of what everyone expects of him. He hunts supernatural troublemakers, hangs out with vampires, and refuses to settle down—even if his respectable parents and the stuffy lycan council want him to. One confusing night, his body responds, turning into his wolf form and hurling him into the darkness to save a stranger.

Pulled together by a physical force stronger than either can resist, PC and Miles must learn to live with each other because separation, even for just minutes, means extreme pain. Miles finds himself falling for the unpredictable lycan, his strange friends, and their nightly adventures but his reluctant lover is determined to find a way to break the bond between them.

Together, they are drawn into a mystery involving werewolves, the lycan council, bad vampires and a whole lot of dead humans. Finding the truth at the bottom of it might just be the hunt of PC's life--especially if he wants to keep Miles alive.

Supernatural New York Series:

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Hunter's Moon, #2

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2010 3.75