How We Operate

Chris Kearney is a surgeon working in one of the worst area hospitals around. He's working himself into the ground. But when he meets undercover detective Drew Hayden at the hospital, he knows he shouldn't get involved. But the attraction between the two men is so intense that he decides to take a chance.

Things don't go smoothly at first as both men work all hours of the day and night. But when Chris is attacked in the hospital parking lot Drew knows that he either makes time for Chris or he might lose him permanently. Can Drew convince Chris that he is worth their time and love?

How We Operate was a very good book. I really enjoyed reading it. I also enjoyed the byplay between the two men and the intense attraction made for a hot read. The love scenes were even hotter. I liked this book a lot and recommend this one for the enjoyable read it is.

Book Blurb for How We Operate

Chris Kearney is a surgeon working the Emergency Room at a large hospital near the bad part of the city. After operating on and losing a teenaged patient, he runs into Drew Hayden, an undercover vice cop. Connecting over a kid who tried to get out of gang lifestyle and still died, the two men check each other out. When they run into each other at the grocery store, they are more than happy to reconnect and pleased to find that neither of them had read the signals wrong.

It’s hard for a cop and a doctor, especially an undercover cop and an emergency room doctor, to find time to meet, date and do all the other things a burgeoning relationship requires, but somehow Chris and Drew manage. Their lives are full and sometimes difficult. Will they get through the traumas and troubles of the first year and a half of their relationship? And, when they get there, what will the other side look like?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2012 4.00