His Every Breath

When Trace is at his lowest from receiving bad news he doesn’t tell his friends who drag him to a gay strip club for fun. Trace doesn’t know what hits him when Riley Beckett comes on stage to dance. Trace knows that this is the man for him. He is determined to make Riley his.

But when Riley's resistance almost turns bad Trace with his persistence finally wins Riley. Trying to put past hurts behind himself Riley finally turns to Trace thinking that Trace maybe is telling him the truth.

But one last secret Trace hasn't told Riley could drive the younger man from him forever. Can Trace and Riley overcome Trace's secret or will it tear them apart forever?

His Every Breath was a well-written story of hope and love. This is a book I would pass onto anyone as a very good read. The interaction between Trace and Riley had humor as well as poignancy. Their lives together made me want to keep reading till I finished the book. The love scenes were passionate and sexy and made for a good addition. I would recommend this title.

Book Blurb for His Every Breath

Length: Plus-Size Novel
When rough-and-tumble Trace Collins allows his buddies to drag him to a gay strip club for his birthday, he doesn’t expect to find his soul mate. But it’s love at first sight for Trace and he is immediately enthralled by the sexy young Adonis who’s getting naked on stage.  Trace is determined to make that man his.
Riley Beckett doesn’t want anything to do with romance or love. Past hurts and a jaded attitude make Riley a tough nut to crack, but Trace is no quitter. He’s determined to win Riley’s trust and show him what real love means. Persistence pays off when Riley finally begins to thaw and it looks as though “happily” might just meet “ever after”. There’s only one thing standing in their way—the devastating secret Trace is keeping.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 3.50