High Flow

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High Flow

Just before his transfer to Pontiac MI came thru Forrest was attacked and almost killed during the hate crimes attack. Though he tries to put the experience behind him, he can't stand being touched. When he meets Patrick the new doctor he is attracted to him though he tries to rebuff Patrick's advances. In the end he keeps turning to Patrick in his time of need.

Patrick is new to Pontiac and finds himself attracted to Forrest even though the young man keeps shying away from him. When he finds out what happened to Forrest he still is attracted to the younger man and decides to keep trying.

Can Forrest confide in Patrick about his past or will he shy away and loose the chance at love?

High Flow was an enduring story of tragedy and finding your love even with it. I did like reading High Flow and it held my interest from beginning to end. The attraction between Patrick and Forrest was tender and hot all in one. Patrick's understanding of Forrest's past made for a good part of the story. This one I will recommend to other readers.

Book Blurb for High Flow

When Forrest learns that he's being transferred to Pontiac, the young paramedic is excited. Not only did he grow up in the Michigan city, but the move will put him closer to his ailing father. Then the night before he leaves Flint, he's viciously attacked in a bar parking lot and nearly dies. After he moves to Pontiac, he vows to put the horrible experience behind him and never speak of it to anyone. He soon finds out that he can't forget that night of terror or the anger that still lingers inside him.

Patrick is new to Pontiac as well. A physician who just moved into the state, he soon finds himself intrigued by the attractive, yet brooding paramedic. As he tries to get closer to Forrest, he is dismayed and annoyed when the punk brushes off his advances. But, Patrick has never been one to give up on something he wants and he's never wanted anything more than to finally have Forrest all to himself.

Forrest wants badly to be able to return Patrick's affection, however, the attack has left him vulnerable and unable to even be touched. Will Patrick be able to heal Forrest, or will they both be doomed to be alone? 

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 3.50