Hell Dogs Squadron

Dr. Mason Flynn sees the accident that flung Lt Cameron Bradshw into his life. He does everything in his power, including using his psychic ability to heal, to save Cameron from death. Mason is attracted to Cameron but he knows he needs to back off because of don't ask don't tell policy of the military. But when Mason next encounters Cameron at the clinic where he works Mason ends up taking Cameron home with him to heal all of Cameron's hurts. This leads to exploring the attraction he sees in Cameron's eyes.

Navy pilot Cameron knows he has months of recovery before he can fly again. So he is working for Division P, a government organization that works with psychics for which Cameron has a skill for finding things.

When Cameron finds out that he is in danger and has put Mason in danger as well by the assignment that he had heard of before his accident, he and Mason are put together and sent to Meridian Naval Air Station to work on the case of a missing missile. During the mission Mason is forced to scramble to save Cameron again during a firefight. Mason's sanity though is put in jeopardy because of that mission.

Will that encounter put Mason's and Cameron's relationship in danger or can the two men work through their problems?

Hell Dogs Squadron has a really good storyline. I enjoyed it a lot and would like to pick up more from this author down the line. I enjoyed the interaction between Mason and Cameron from the beginning to the end. The discovery of their love had me wanting to know what was going to happen. So, I had to finish the book quickly to find out. I recommend this to those who like discovery of love titles.

Book Blurb for Hell Dogs Squadron

Navy F/A-18 pilot Lt. Cameron Bradshaw juggles a second government job in addition to his military commitments. He's a psychic finder for a mysterious agency known as Division P. Just as he starts the next Division P assignment, nearly lethal motorcycle accident nearly takes his life.

If not for the talents of gifted healer Dr. Mason Flynn, the Lt. might be dead. As the slow process of recovery begins, Mason Flynn is drawn to the injured pilot. A mix of shared psychic talents and physical attraction slowly binds them together, but the people responsible for Cam's accident escalate the affair, and soon Mason is running for his life.

A mad impromptu flight to Meridian Naval Air Station leads Cam and naval intelligence to a direct confrontation with a group of missile thieves. A vicious firefight leaves Mason scrambling to save teammates, but the final endgame forces Mason to do the unthinkable, and put his own sanity in jeopardy in the process. Can Cameron and Mason survive the trials thrown at them and their burgeoning relationship?

Originally published as the Chaser series Hell Dog Squadron.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.75