Heart Bond

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Heart Bond

Jaz Maloney has always had a good life as a Vitala. That is until a stalker destroys his family. Jaz is horrified by what has happened. Luckily a man named Jin steps in and saves him. Now that Jaz is in Jin’s bed he doesn’t know if he deserves this new life that he has.

Can Jaz and Jin be happy together and learn of life as mates or will Jaz's insecurities drive him to run?

Heart Bond was an interesting read with quite a few twists and turns.

Book Blurb for Heart Bond

Seasonal/ Vampire/ Paranormal/ Gay
Short Story
Jaz Maloney lives his single life to the fullest, but when a stalker destroys his family it takes one sexy male Vitala to give him protection and win his heart.

Jaz Maloney is the scion to a wealthy Vitala family and all he wants to do is have fun. Especially if it involves Jin, a tall, dark, handsome stranger who totally rocks his world. But the fun ends when an older male Vitala puts a claim on Jaz and attempts to force him under his control. When Jaz refuses the male goes before the senate and, using old Vitala law, destroys Jaz's family. Devastated, Jaz sees no other option, but to do what this male wants until Master Ryujin steps forward to defend him.

Master Ryujin, is only in the city for a brief visit, when he steps in to stop what he sees as a miscarriage of justice. Of course, it doesn't hurt that the male he's protecting is the same one that caught his attention at a club. But he's certainly not looking for a life partner.

Ryujin and Jaz have nothing in common, but when the heart speaks, these two men can do nothing but answer.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of M/M intimacy. Although, some of the characters appear in Blood Bond this can be read as a stand alone.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 3.00