Hart and Soul

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Hart and Soul

Orphaned Niann is an outcast raised by the Kehani tribe since birth. When his time comes to go on his spirit journey he is denied by the tribe. When Niann makes the journey himself he is chosen by the Kala Deer a spirit that enhances others spirits thru sex. When the Shaman finds out about his journey and his chosen spirit guide he is determined to have that strength for himself.

Nephew to the chief, Jenner a hunter and carver has always looked after Niann as best he could but when his attentions interfere with the Shaman's plans he is sent to another tribe to learn from them. Haunted by his own dreams of the deer, Jenner returns to the tribe to find the Shaman gone and Niann's soul shattered.

Can Jenner save Niann from the after effects of the Shaman and will they be able to defeat the Shaman in the spirit realm?

Hart and Soul could have been a really good story, but the sexual violence committed against the main character turned me off the book. I can't recommend this one for that sexual violence, though as I said the storyline would have been good but for that.

Book Blurb for Hart and Soul

Raised by the Kehani tribe since birth, orphaned Niann remains an outcast, denied even a visit to the dreaming-place to discover his spirit guide. Compelled to make the journey anyway, Niann is chosen by the Kala Deer, known for its ability to strengthen the animal spirits of others through sex. Now the tribe's shaman is determined to use Niann's power to transcend into the spirit world...

Hunter and carver Jennar swore to love and protect Niann always, but when his attentions interfere with the shaman's plans, he's forced to leave the tribe—and Niann. Haunted by dreams of the Deer, Jennar returns home, horrified to find Niann changed in body and mind from living under the shaman's influence. To save the man he loves, Jennar must face his secret shame—and risk the destruction of the spirit world by the shaman's relentless ambition...

Previously published, newly revised by author.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.00