Giving Thanks

When Derek finally comes out to his father he doesn't expect his father to strike him. His love for Troy though will always be real and strong. Derek's family though love's him very much and even though his father is not at Thanksgiving the rest of the family is and they are happy for Troy and Derek.

Will Derek's father finally except him and love him despite his being gay or will they be estranged?

Giving Thanks was an endearing story of family sticking together in spite of the conflict of a parent being stubborn. I liked Giving Thanks.

Book Blurb for Giving Thanks

EMT Troy has been out of the closet for years but out of love and respect for his life partner, Derek, he’s played the role of “roommate” to Derek’s family. He’d never risk Derek’s relationship with his large and very traditional family and wouldn’t think of forcing Derek to choose him or his family.

Just before Thanksgiving, Derek heard his family insult Troy one too many times and blurted out their true relationship in a rush that got him fired and disowned on the spot. His career and life in shambles, he was still going to make this a Thanksgiving to remember.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.25