Gay Paris

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Gay Paris

Book 2 in the Heartbreak Anonymous series

Six years ago Zach Richardson approached Wyatt in Paris. Wyatt is a piano player in a club. Before they both knew it the night they spent together in Zach's hotel room turns into two weeks of heaven for both men. But heaven sometimes doesn't last. Zach headed back to Canada and seemingly forgot about Wyatt.
Now six years later Wyatt is back in Paris and Zach approaches him again hoping that Wyatt hadn't forgotten him. Wyatt though was bitter that Zach had left him.
Will the magic of Paris work again to bring the two lovers together or will they again go their separate ways?
I'm afraid I have a few quibbles with Gay Paris. It was to disjointed and hard to follow. Most of that was because of the time lines. I had trouble reading it, but did enjoy the concept. The story needed more planning out.

Book Blurb for Gay Paris

Six years ago, Zach Richards let himself experience the impossible—a hot affair with a hotter man in the world’s hottest city. To his everlasting regret, he walked away, too afraid to take that kind of risk.

But now he’s back—older and definitely wiser. And Wyatt, still right where Zach left him, is definitely as mouth-watering as ever. As they pick up where they left off—tearing off their clothes in a Parisian hotel room—both men relish the reunion. But there’s no ignoring the bittersweet undertones—the scars each of them is clearly hiding and the unspoken words driving a gap between them.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.00