Full Circle

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Full Circle

From the time he was a teen Jaylin knew he was gay and he was comfortable with it. And in spite of comments made by schoolmates he didn't care, though he didn't expect to find someone in high school especially not jock Max Sydney. Then Max came to him and confessed that he to was gay and that he was attracted to Jaylin. And with that they started a relationship and kept it discreet. When the school bully Trent Miller hears them talking about getting away for the weekend, he decides to get his revenge on Max and Jaylin.
Years later after the night of the attack they meet up again.  Jaylin was not able to find Max after his father spirited him away from Jaylin. Trent is coming up for parole and Jaylin decides he needs to be there to make sure Trent doesn't get out of Jail. What he doesn't expect is a second chance with Max for Max shows up and they talk.
Will though Max be able to come out to everyone now? Will Trent again interfere in their lives?
Full Circle is one of those books that once you get started you just don’t want to put down. The experimentation of the two boys was spot on and the love scenes were hotter than heck. When these two finally come together there is that spark that just lights the reader up with emotion.

Book Blurb for Full Circle

Openly gay eighteen-year-old Jaylin Ryan is surprised when his secret crush, star jock Max Sydney, admits he's interested in him. Knowing Max's father will react badly, Jaylin and Max find ways to be together and make plans for the future, but it all goes wrong when they're attacked for their relationship, leaving Max badly injured and Jaylin emotionally devastated. Taking advantage of his son's vulnerability, Max's father convinces him the best thing he can do for Jaylin is to leave him.

Seven years later, the possible early release of one of the attackers brings Max and Jaylin back to their hometown, where they discover that their feelings for each other are still alive. They have a chance at a future, but first the past must be laid to rest.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2009 3.75