From This Night

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From This Night

When Agamo and Khanis two fathers who give their children in marriage even though they are both boy children the stage is set.
When Allasson and Suryo are married in the eyes of the priests they aren't happy about it the two young men though become friends then as their time together grows longer they finally consummate their marriage vows though after that Suryo is taken to the temple of the silver hand and Alasson is married to Savira he can't forget his love for Suryo.
From This Night had an interesting concept, but the not so happily ever after ending spoiled what could have been a romance.

Book Blurb for From This Night

Two young men are forced to wed as the result of a drunken oath foolishly made by their fathers. What effect will their union have on the rest of their lives?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 2.75