Forbidden Mate

Holland Brothers #4

Forbidden Mate has a wonderful storyline. Although I would like to smack Jake for his waiting so long it all turns out great. This story is well written and a very good read. The sensual hot love scenes only added to the storyline and made it a hotter read. I recommend this story based on the love story as well as the hot and passionate love scenes. It's well worth reading and a good addition to the Holland Brothers stories.

Rick Holland has always known who his mate is, but also that his mate doesn't want him. For ten years it has been tearing him apart to be so close to his mate and know that he isn't wanted. When Rick's older brother and the alpha of their pack sends him and Jake Richmond Rick's mate to Australia to get facts about why Marcus' mate is so sick, Rick can't refuse his brother anything. Even though it is agony to be so near Jake and not have him.

Jake the beta of the pack has been unable to claim Rick as his mate because he knows that it'll put Rick's life in danger. Jake though finds he is unable to stay away from Rick while in Australia and finally claims him.

Can Jake keep Rick safe from the danger after they mate or will both men lose their love?

**Re-Issued Review. Originally reviewed in Nov 2011. This is a review of the original story. The reissued story has been greatly expanded and some story elements have changed.**

Book Blurb for Forbidden Mate

On a trip for his Alpha, Jake is forced into close quarters with the one man he has kept at a distance for ten years. While so close to the man he secretly loves, can he keep his mind on business and off his forbidden mate?

Rick Holland has watched as his brothers settled into mated bliss, quietly dying inside knowing he will never have the same. Rick has lived for the last ten years with the knowledge his mate doesn't want him. When his brother and Alpha asks him to take a trip, will Rick have the courage to forget his hurt and move on with his life?

Jake Richmond has watched from the sidelines as his mate grew from a surprisingly sexy sixteen year old into a stunningly handsome man. He's done everything within his power to keep that man safe--aware that his mate believes he's not wanted but unable to reveal the truth. Can Jake finally let go of the man he loves or will everything come crashing down when the pair are thrust together in their search for much needed answers?

Note: This book has been re-issued and expanded. Story elements have changed.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.25