Food and Books

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Food and Books

Torquere Press Single Shot

Garrett goes to the Other Shelf bookstore to relax after his shift each night. Being a police officer is an intense job and he reads to relieve the stress. When Nathan a cook comes in one night Garrett is set back on his heals with his attraction.

Nathan sees Garrett and is instantly smitten with him as well. Nathan and Garrett cook up a night of lust and love, but will it lead to more?

I really did enjoy Food and Books. This was a fun quickie story that I wished was longer.

Book Blurb for Food and Books

Garett goes to the Other Shelf bookstore the same time every week. He loves the ladies who run the place, and he loves the atmosphere. He likes the scenery, too, when he meets Nathan, who's also a regular at the store, but one Garett has never met before.

After a little matchmaking from the bookstore ladies, Garett and Nathan decide to give each other a try. Garett's a cop and Nathan's a cook, so they're not sure how much they have in common, but both of them are willing to give it a go. Will they find something as enduring as the books they both love?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 3.00