First Flight

When Jesse finds a bird on the side of the road he decides to take it home and give it a proper burial, but when a naked man appears in his car he quickly figures out that the bird and the man are one and the same. Jesse teaches Chris all he can of life and survival, but when his psychotic ex-lover comes a calling Jesse finds that Chris means more to him than just Chris being a bird and his lover. Jesse does everything he can to protect Chris. But can he do enough or will he be left alone?

The story of Jesse Swanson and Chris the bird who became a man for love was not a very well written story. To me it was boring and I wasn’t able to finish it. I know that there is a happily ever after, but I couldn't get there. I hope others find more enjoyment.

Book Blurb for First Flight

Jesse Swanson's life is pretty normal: He has a job he doesn't mind, his parents are pretty decent, and he's got a boyfriend. So what if he still lives at home? So what if he thinks he argues a little too often with his guy?

Everything changes when he stops to pick up a bird and ends up picking up a new guy instead. Chris, formerly known as Sings-like-water, is fascinated by Jesse's music and by Jesse himself, but figuring out how to be human isn't easy-especially when Jesse's now ex-boyfriend decides he'll do anything to get Jesse back. Can Jesse and Chris overcome the odds, or will their fledgling romance falter before it can fly?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 2.50