Finding Frankie

Mech Warrior

Finding Frankie was a different kind of story that I enjoyed a lot. I liked that first you have the virus and then the alien invasion. Through all that Frankie's parents take him away from Roarke and hide him. The story is of Roarke finding Frankie at last. I do recommend this one for a very good read.

You have a long term hunt for Frankie that led Roarke on a ten year search. Frankie became ill with the virus that could have killed him. You have the alien invasion that derails Roarke search. Then you also have Frankie's parent who put him in Cryogenic suspended animation and take him out of state. When Roarke does find Frankie, even though it has been just days for Frankie, it’s been ten years for Roarke. Roarke has been through a lot in the ten years and the tension between the two men is there. It’s very intense, but for Roarke he knows that he needs to wait till Frankie knows everything that has happened.

Can Frankie over look Roarke being unfaithful to him during the ten years he's been gone? or will he let that come between him and his love?

Readers have got to find out!

Book Blurb for Finding Frankie

Ten years ago, a virus swept the planet, killing millions. Just as the world started to recover from that disaster, mechanical aliens invaded Earth looking for iron–and they had no problem exterminating the human race to get it.

Anthony Roark lost his lover in the first wave of the virus. Frankie's family secreted him away in a cryogenics facility until a cure could be found. But that was before the mechs invaded.

Roark has searched for Frankie since the day he disappeared. Once word reaches him that Frankie has been located, Roark wastes no time going after his lover. But bringing Frankie into the new world might cost him more than his sanity. It may cost him his life.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.00