Finding Balance

Wolves of Stone Ridge, #5

Todd Abernathy knew that Detective Lyle Sullivan was his mate but Lyle disappeared before Todd could approach him. Now that Lyle has been found, and in the hospital Todd is by his side waiting till he can talk to Lyle. It is hard knowing that Lyle could have died. When Lyle finds out that he has been changed into a shapeshifter he has a lot on his mind, first off trying to control his shapeshifting and his attraction to Todd. He also seems to be exhibiting an unstable and an aggressive attitude. He can't control his temper. Todd seems to be the only one who can calm Lyle down.

The Stone Ridge Alpha knows that Lyle must claim Todd or be lost to them. Can Todd bring Lyle back from the edge or will both men loose?

Finding Balance is a really good continuation of the Stone Ridge pack series. I will recommend this one as a good read and that it should be read in series order. This is book 5.

Lyle and Todd's story was one of finding and saving two hearts. The heat and intense attraction between the two men only added to the storyline. This is another hit by Charlie Richards.

Book Blurb for Finding Balance

Todd Abernathy spent three weeks in a cage. Experimented on by scientists, he retreated deep into his wolf to survive. The night of his rescue, the scent of his mate was the only thing that convinced him to return to human form. Small for a wolf shifter, it didn’t surprise Todd when his brother Phillip insisted on joining the local wolf pack with him. His larger, younger half-brother had felt responsible for him since puberty. But Phillip couldn’t help him find the mate he’d scented, and when Todd finally figured out that Detective Lyle Sullivan was the man he was searching for, the human had been captured by the same men who’d experimented on Todd.

Lyle’s escape almost comes too late, because the experiments done to him scramble his DNA, nearly killing him. The only way to save Lyle is to complete the experimental procedure the scientists started on him. Todd’s relief that the recovering Lyle recognizes him as his mate is short-lived. Lyle starts exhibiting increasingly aggressive and dangerous tendencies. Can Todd find a way to help his mate accept what’s happening to him and teach him how to co-exist with the new creature living inside his mind? Or will Lyle lose himself to the beast and force his friends to put him down?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00