Fan-Tastic was an interesting story about meeting your soul mate at the most odd times. The story between Blake and Deke made for a really good story and I enjoyed it a lot. The bumbling attraction was filled with humor and heat and a lot of sexual tension. I will recommend this one for the good read it is.

When Shy comic book artist Blake found out that his secret crush, Deke, was going to be at the convention he used all the money he had to attend just so he might meet Deke Masters. But Deke didn't remember him.

When Deke Masters sees Blake for the first time he tells Blake that he enjoyed reading his comic books and that they are brilliant. Then Deke saves Blake from being harassed. He then takes Blake under his wing to guide him around the convention. Their attraction grows to such that they finally act upon it and the sex is intense and hot between the two men. Will Blake be able to believe that Deke is as attracted to him as he is to Deke? Will he run back home to never see him again?

Book Blurb for Fan-Tastic

Everybody knows the best lovers are geeks.

It’s time again for the annual Comic Book and Horror Convention. Normally, Deke liked to avoid these things. While he may be a well-known actor, he wasn’t hunky or a beefcake and he was always overlooked. In fact, most people like to call him 'the geek of geeks'. But, the producers of his popular TV series don’t care and they order Deke to go. So, while he knows he won’t have any fun he has no choice but to attend.

Blake harboured a crush on Deke even before the other man became famous. When he finds out that Deke will be at the convention, Blake knows he has to attend as well. Since he is trying to promote his own comic, Blake decides that he can mix a little business with his fun.

To Blake’s dismay, not only does Deke not remember him, but the actor refuses to believe that Blake could have any romantic feelings for a geek. Blake decides that he can’t let this opportunity slip through his fingers, though. He may have given up on Deke all those years ago, but not this time. Will Blake be able to convince Deke to give him a chance? Or will the final credits roll before they find love?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50