Eye of the Beholder

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Eye of the Beholder

Victor a temperamental artist type is setting up for his showing at a gallery. Ben intrigues Victor. Ben is a contractor. Victor tries his best to aggravate Ben to no end and to make him angry just to see what will happen. Ben though finds Victor a prima donna artist and though he finds him attractive doesn't really want much to do with him except to bed him.
Will Ben get his wish and Victor in bed or will Victor drive him away being obnoxious as usual?
Eye Of the Beholder was a sweet short story. Victor was indeed obnoxious and a prima donna though I don't see what Ben would have seen in him.*LOL*

Book Blurb for Eye of the Beholder

From the moment Victor and Ben met, sparks flew. Victor is a renowned artist, setting up for a showing of his latest work at a prestigious Manhattan art gallery. Ben is the head of the construction crew remodeling the gallery for Victor's show. Ben doesn't know much about art, but he knows what he likes. They grate on each other's nerves until Victor suggests Ben pose for him. Will they give into their destiny or will they tear each other apart?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2009 3.25