Book One in the Refuge Shifters Series

Having grown up with the stories of the shifters of Newfoundland Jack had listened to his grand parents stories of how these shifters were hunted to near extinction until everyone thought that they had been killed off.

Jack now a Professor of Environmental Science and Wildlife studies out of Las Vegas has been following rumors and sightings of rare wolves. He is trying to track down the legends.  When his search leads him to the Lake Mead recreational area of Las Vegas he finds his legend in the flesh. The White Wolf turns into a handsome young white haired man named Toby. Jack know the legends were real but didn’t know how real they were.

Jack finds his true mate in Toby but will he be able to save Toby and his people from the Hunters who have made it their life's work to exterminate the shifters. Will they succeed or will Jack be able to help them survive?

This is the first installment in a series and it’s a very well written book. It’s the story of a shifters plight from the evils of prejudices. I enjoyed reading it and following the growing love between Jack and Toby. Jack has to learn everything he needs to help protect Toby and his people. The hot and steamy sex was a great bonus to the story as well. I will recommend this book to others who enjoy shapeshifter romances as this one is well worth the read. I can't wait for the other books to come out so I can find out the rest of the story.

Book Blurb for Extinction

Contemporary, Paranormal Erotic Romance, Shifters, M/M, GLB

Strong sexual content, graphic language, male/male intercourse and anal play.

HEAT LEVEL:  Fire Opal

Professor of Environmental Science/Wildlife studies at UNLV, Jack McBain has spent his adult life trying to track a legend overheard during his youth. Born and raised in the Canadian Province of Newfoundland, Jack remembers his grandparents telling stories of a race of people eradicated by European settlers in 1829. According to the legend, the Beothuk people didn?t die out as first thought, but were transformed into wolf shifters.

When Newfoundland wolves began to appear in great numbers, the European settlers began killing them under the guise of population control. In 1910, the last of the Newfoundland wolves was shot, making them one of the few extinct species of wolves in the world.

Following spotty leads, Jack begins to track what he believes are Beothuk/Newfoundland shifter wolves. His search leads him to the Lake Mead National Recreational Area outside of Las Vegas. There, on Spirit Mountain, he finally comes face to face with not only the shifter he?s been looking for, but the man of his dreams he didn?t know he needed.


Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2009 4.00