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Word Count: 51,377

When Senator Kipp Kensington meets Leather clad Robin Grant by almost running over his motorcycle Kipp is attracted to Robin because he is a bad boy and because Robin needs him. Kipp is tired of living the lie of the straight Senator and is ready for a love affair with Robin.

Robin Grant doesn't know where he is going at 25 yrs of age and is just living, until he meets Kipp Kensington and falls in love with him. Kipp believes in him and wants Robin to have what he wants. Kipp and Robin are passionate together but when Kipp's wife finds out about them she threatens Kipp with exposure and tries to blackmail Kipp into giving her money and a divorce.

Will Kipp give into his wife's threats or will he fight for his and Robins Love?


G A Hauser does it again with a good and sexy story. This one follows her exceptional style that allows the guys to have their love and life together. I enjoyed reading it a lot and hope to read more. Please keep it up.

Book Blurb for Exposure

Exposure…the truth will set you free

In politics for twenty years, Senator Kipp Kensington knows that even a whisper of suspicion about his sexuality could jeopardize his aspirations for the Presidency. Kipp thought he could be content living a lie in a marriage of convenience. Then he met Robin Grant.

Leather-clad, motorcycle riding Robin isn’t accustomed to hiding what he is or denying himself who he wants. The instant he meets Kipp, the sparks begin to fly and what started as a chance encounter soon turns into a full-blown affair of sizzling proportions.

When the contract Kipp has had for nine years with his now alcoholic, bitter wife begins to crumble and he’s threatened with blackmail, the senator needs to make a decision. Should he hide who he really is in order to avoid losing his career, or reveal the truth and set himself free?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 4.00